Student Recommendations for Return to Direct Patient Care

A message to the MD Classes of 2021, 2022, and 2023 from C. Randall (Randy) Clinch, DO, Interim Associate Dean, MD Program Academic Affairs

As you get closer to re-entering the clinical environment in June and returning to course work in July (Class of 2023), please carefully review this document. The steps outlined in the document are based upon CDC recommendations and have been approved by our Infectious Disease specialist, Dr. Ohl, as well as our hospital Infection Control and Epidemiologist, Dr. Bischoff.

WFBMC Employee Health will continue to collect information from students (not just employees) about exposures to COVID-19 individuals, symptoms you may be experiencing that could be consistent with COVID-19, documenting your travel plans and recommendations related to travel to/from hot zones, as well as clearing you to return to school upon recovery from COVID-19.

Employee Health is not acting as your medical provider, they are assisting with the centralized monitoring of symptoms, results, travel and clearance to return to school/work. Please ensure that you connect with your personal medical provider if you are concerned about having been exposed or are having symptoms and need advice. As is specified on the attached protocol, Wake Forest Baptist Health Family Medicine – Piedmont Plaza has offered to have students contact them for medical advice and to coordinate testing if needed. If you do work with any provider at WFBH Family Medicine, please note their name so that you can report this later in our Conflict of Interest reporting process (so we can modify your clinical schedule later to avoid being placed in the position of being evaluated by anyone who has provided medical care to you).

You will receive additional information over the upcoming week about the logistics surrounding returning to the direct patient care learning environment. I am sharing this information now so that you can ensure you’re self-monitoring for any symptoms in advance of your return.