Diabetes and obesity are two of the most common public health problems. They're also among the costliest. People with these conditions experience significant health concerns, and the number of people affected in the U.S. continues to rise.

To better understand these conditions and their associated health risks, Wake Forest University School of Medicine has made diabetes, obesity and metabolism one of its research priorities. The CDOM receives institutional support, and research award recipients are determined by a faculty peer-reviewed application process.

Center Mission

The mission of the Center of Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolilsm is to improve the health of individuals with, or at risk for, diabetes, obesity and other metabolic disorders.

Center Goals

We will generate new knowledge on the metabolic basis of diabetes, obesity and the wide spectrum of diseases in which metabolism plays a role, and use that knowledge to improve strategies for the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of those conditions.

Available Shared Resources

Metabolic Phenotyping - Supporting investigators by characterizing the effects of genetic manipulation, the environment, and other interventions on the metabolic phenotype of rodent models.