These efforts include services and programming that promote health and leadership and character development, well- being, academic success, career exploration, community engagement, and interdisciplinary student groups and organizations.

The Office of Educational Excellence strives to achieve the following vision, mission, and goals:

Vision: Engaged, empowered, and cared for learners become engaging, empowering, and caring health care professionals and scientists.

Mission: To support a challenging yet nurturing learning environment that produces innovative and ethical health care professionals, and scientists equipped to provide exemplary patient care and research findings to lead medicine and translational science into the 21st century.


  • Foster learner personal and professional development
  • Meet all learners where they are and guide them toward their career and academic success
  • Support a learning community that embodies the principles of integrity, diversity, inclusion, and mutual respect
  • Promote wellbeing of the whole learner (intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual)
  • Cultivate a culture of character-driven leadership