Core Facilities and Departmental Shared Equipment resources are part of the research infrastructure and are located across the institution. These leverage expertise and equipment in centralized facilities to support our institutional researchers in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Services are provided through a fee-for-service structure. Alternatively, for larger projects, costs could be recouped as a percent of effort on a grant or contract.

Research Core Facilities are defined as:

  • Interdepartmental organizational units that develop, aggregate, manage, and provide specialized resources, services, and tools to researchers across the institution. These tend to be capital - and human resource - intensive platforms to enable research, support a significant user base, and often are financially viable when developed as institutional resources and managed centrally.

Departmental Shared Equipment/Services are defined as:

  • Departmentally based piece of shared equipment that should recover its operating costs, through fee-for-service, grant support, or other options. These generally have a focused user base and should be set up with common re-charge cost recovery structures.