The Core aims to meet an unmet need for access to large national and regional healthcare claims and administrative databases for medical and health services research. These include national and state-level claims data for patients covered by specific insurance (commercial, Medicare or Medicaid) as well as those with no insurance. Many interested researchers may be discouraged by the cost and administrative burden in acquiring such data or the technical know-how in developing study designs and data analytics.
With support from Wake Forest Clinical and Translational Science Institute, our goal is to meet this need by providing resources in quantitative health services research for fellows, faculty and researchers across Wake Forest School of Medicine. Based in the Program for Health Services Research in the Division of Public Health Sciences, the Core consists of research faculty, data analysts and databases. The research faculty brings expertise in health services research, health economics, policy impact evaluation, cost evaluation and health disparities.

Databases Available

  • The Core can provide access to a readily available collection of databases, including IBM Marketscan Commercial Claims, Medicare Fee for Service Claims and All Payer Inpatient and Emergency Department administrative discharge records. 
  • While access to some databases require administrative approvals, several databases can be accessed quickly with little or no administrative burden.
  • The Core can provide guidance and assist with the acquisition of data for new projects.

Learn more about Available Databases

Database Available Years Sample/Size
MarketScan 2017-2020 National/>273 million unique pts.
Kid’s Inpatient Data (KID) 2016 and 2019 National/3m hospital stays per yr.
Nationwide Ambulatory Surgery Sample (NASS) 2016-2020 National/Largest all-payer ambulatory surgery database in the United States
Nationwide Emergency Department Sample (NEDS) 2016-2020 National
Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS) 2016-2020 National/Unweighted, it contains data from around 7 million hospital stays each year
Nationwide Readmissions Database (NRD) 2016-2020 National
State Inpatient Database (SID) 2010 - 2019 State specific/21 states
State Emergency Department (SED) 2010 - 2019 State specific/15 states
Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey (MCBS) 2000 - 2013 and 2015 - 2020 National/25k per yr.
Medicare Fee for Service Claims 2006-2017 National

Services Provided

  • With ready access to a rich collection of claims data at little or no cost, our aim is to make use of such data feasible for small and pilot projects with a short timeline. 
  • The Core can assist in developing preliminary evidence in preparation for grant applications.
  • The Core can provide consultative support and assistance with identifying and acquiring claims and administrative data. The core staff can assist with grant writing and acquisition of data on funded grants.
  • HSR Core faculty has expertise in health economics, health policy and cost evaluation, and econometric modeling, and can assist in identifying expertise and resources not locally available.
  • The Core faculty can collaborate in the development and implementation of grant-funded studies. We anticipate such studies to take the form of Core members serving as co-investigators. 

Fees and Costs

  • Consultations are free and we can clarify the fees and costs specific to each project.
  • We do not charge fees for access to data. However, some databases require staff time for obtaining access to new users (e.g., for amendment of data use agreement); the user will have to pay for the staff time.
  • As all data are HIPAA protected, access to data and statistical software are provided on an institutional IT server. We anticipate that most studies will not incur any IT-related charges. However, depending on special storage and software needs, there may be charges.
  • Users will be charged for faculty and staff time for assistance with data processing, study design, measurement development and statistical analyses. 

For more details please refer to the HSR Core Frequently Asked Questions.

Publication Highlights

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