Established in 2019 with Amresh Hanchate, PhD, Professor, Department of Social Sciences and Health Policy, as the Director. The Program faculty and researchers work closely with clinical and research faculty across the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center System to develop research studies aimed at evaluation of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of clinical and policy interventions.

The Program is home to the CTSI-funded Health Services Research Core, which offers all Wake Forest Baptist researchers access to a wide range of administrative and claims data (all payer, Medicare and commercial), analytical support and content expertise in quantitative health services research.

Highlighted Research Projects

Currently Funded Studies involving CORE Faculty:

Project Team Members 

Amresh Hanchate

Lindsey Abdelfattah
Data Analyst
Meng-Yun Lin
Faculty member
Maria Swanson
Project Manager

Braden Strackman
Data Analyst

Antonio Roca
Data Analyst