The Clinical and Translational Science Institute at Wake Forest School of Medicine offers tools, expertise and services to make research projects successful by fostering collaborations, providing increased access to institutional research resources and reducing the administrative burden on investigators.

Whether you are a faculty member, a student or a staff member, the CTSI has a variety of resources to enhance the efficiency and efficacy of your research.

Research Centers

Research centers are organizational units focused on promoting and expanding interest and collaboration in a research area across the institution. There are many centers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, focused on clinical, education and research.

Research Cores

Research core facilities are important to the research mission for effective and efficient use of specialized skills, expensive and/or complicated equipment and standardized services. By centralizing the equipment and expertise of faculty and technicians in a common facility, they can provide maximum benefit and leverage across the institution as support for a multitude of investigators.

These services are generally purchased on a fee-for-service basis, unless the project is large enough that a percent effort is requested in the grant or contract.

By sharing resources, researchers at Wake Forest gain access to equipment and laboratories they might not be able to afford individually. In addition, they offer a level of expertise unique to each specialty.

Many of these resources are available to outside researchers, others are not. Please contact the facility directly for more information.