A mid-sized city with small-town charm and big-city vision, Winston-Salem has a vibrant and diverse community. With a depth of culture, arts and entertainment in an area known for its affordable cost of living and outdoor lifestyle, Winston-Salem is a great place to call home, whether for a few years or an entire career.

Winston-Salem has always been characterized by grit. From its early Moravian settlers to its years as a manufacturing town to its transition to a city of arts and innovation, Winston-Salem has seen good times and lean but has grown through them all. Now it’s a city known for high-quality education, medicine and innovation. Through each era, one thing remains the same: the people. Whether coming for a few years to further your education or looking to make a career here, you will find a city filled with diverse people—natives and transplants—who have found a place to belong. 

Winston-Salem: Our Time is Now

With roots in tobacco and textiles, Winston-Salem reimagined itself to become the City of Arts and Innovation, a place where you can put down your own roots and discover innovation of all forms. Explore the grit and the diversity that makes this place special, and find where you fit here with us.

Video courtesy of Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce

Explore the Local Scene

We recognize your life in Winston-Salem won’t be all work or study, and luckily, the region is home to activities and events of all kinds. Craft breweries and thriving foodie scene? We have it. Parks, trails and activities to get outdoors? Here in abundance. Explore the categories below to get a taste of what you could be doing when you don’t have your nose to the grindstone.