Two operating tables and various surgical equipment in a beige, cinder-block ORPreclinical Translational Services is an on-site research support team dedicated to facilitating the use of preclinical models to help you improve patient outcomes. Whether the study is grant-funded or industry-sponsored, our team is ready to support the success of your preclinical study.

We provide high-caliber clinical veterinary, investigative surgical and technical expertise, as well as advice about study design and animal model development. We are experienced in large-animal models such as pigs, sheep and nonhuman primates. We offer whatever level of support you need, including as-needed technical assistance, surgical procedures, clinical care and oversight, or coordinating all aspects of the preclinical study in collaboration with you.

Person in blue protective gown and hair net reaches up to remove supplies from blue cabinets with glass doorsPreclinical Translational Services adds distinct value to studies by giving investigators access to a scalable team of expert research veterinary clinicians and surgeons and highly trained technical staff who partner with faculty to conduct preclinical research protocols. Learn more about our capabilities by reading about the team leads: Susan Appt, DVM, section head of Comparative Medicine and director of Preclinical Translational Services, and Heather Burkart, DVM, associate director.

Our Expertise

Draw on our skills and expertise to expand your study capabilities and produce quality preclinical data. 

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Download our brochure to learn more about how Preclinical Translational Services can support your study, including a list of common procedures, imaging capabilities and other unique resources.

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Two figures in blue protective coverings and hair nets perform surgery in a darkened operating room