The Cellular Imaging Shared Resource (CISR) is a full-service microscopy laboratory providing access to equipment and technical support for electron, brightfield/fluorescence and confocal microscopy. It is available for both clinical and research purposes. This resource exists in a biomedical research environment and supports numerous institutionally based investigators whose interests encompass the breadth of both basic and clinical science. 

Although the orientation is biomedical, the facility supports a wide range of research. Faculty and staff also have extensive experience in non-biomedical zoology, botany and materials science imaging.

The CISR offers:

  • User training
  • Consultation before and after projects
  • Collaboration
  • Numerous specialized research techniques

The mission of the CISR is to provide access to:

  • Advanced microscopy instruments
  • Technical support for specimen preparation
  • Scientific guidance in planning and applying advanced microscopy techniques