The Campus Assistance for Resources and Empowerment (CARE) Team specializes in listening, responding, and connecting. Members follow up with referred individuals to hear their stories, identify their needs, and connect them with the resources and interventions that best suit their individual circumstances and our community at large. We care about our fellow School of Medicine Deacons, and want to ensure their safety, wellbeing, and success by providing this additional support.  

The CARE Team educates the campus community about how to identify distressing or concerning behaviors, and how to promptly report those concerns.  

Team Composition

The CARE Team is comprised of professionals from the following offices: 

  • Office of Educational Excellence 
  • MD Program Representative  
  • PA Program Representative 
  • Academic Nursing Program Representative 
  • Graduate Program Representative  
  • Chaplaincy*  
  • Counseling and Well-being Services Representative* 

For specific or unique situations, the team will consult with liaisons in other areas of the University to assist with information gathering, consultation in their area of expertise, and/or follow-up.  

Most often, referred community members will work directly with our care manager. 

*Chaplaincy and Counseling and Well-being Services serve on the CARE Team as consultants and do not share information about students who receive confidential services from them. 

Frequently Asked Questions