Joey Skelton, MD, associate professor of pediatrics, shares the connection between his love of cooking and his pediatric obesity research. Listed as one of the Best Doctors in America, Skelton and his colleagues were recently awarded a federal grant for a study aimed at predicting and reducing dropout rates in pediatric weight-loss programs. It’s this kind of groundbreaking work that brought Skelton to Wake Forest School of Medicine to create the Brenner FIT program and have a greater impact on how children, future clinicians and the community relate to food.

Faculty in Focus offers a glimpse into the people behind the medicine. What motivates our faculty? How do they live a balanced life? What drives their passion to pursue new discoveries? The answers are as individual as the person. Skelton’s story shares a peek into the role of food in our culture. Stay tuned for the next video in the series.

Faculty in Focus: Joey Skelton, MD

Joey Skelton, MD, a researcher, clinician and educator, has a passion for food and keeping children healthy, leading to groundbreaking work in pediatric obesity.