Last updated: July 7, 2021
This update supersedes all previous communications. Content is updated on an ongoing basis. Changes are indicated with the words NEW or UPDATED .

We are sharing the following with the caveat that information impacting decision-making changes rapidly given the evolving situation involving COVID-19. For additional COVID-19 information, please reference the COVID-19 Intranet site


Curriculum Notes

  • Based upon the current stability of our institutional PPE supply and supply chain, we were able to eliminate the restrictions on students participating in the direct care of patients on Isolation Precautions, which includes lifting the restrictions on students being involved in the direct care of COVID-19 positive patients and PUIs (effective 7/30/2020).
  • As a reminder, many rotations are currently limiting the number of people going into patient rooms and are still working to conserve PPE across the health system. Students will need to follow the instructions provided on each rotation regarding their involvement in direct patient care activities.
  • While we recognize that lifting these restrictions will be a welcomed change by many students to allow for a greater participation in the curriculum, there may be some students who are concerned about interacting with patients who would be on Isolation Precautions, specifically those with COVID-19 or who are PUIs. We emphasize that involvement with patients on Isolation Precautions requires the appropriate use of PPE in order to mitigate the risk of exposures to students. 
  • While use of appropriate PPE is an effective mitigation strategy, if you are concerned about your personal health risks related to participating in your education program at this time, it is always appropriate to contact your personal medical provider to discuss your concerns. You may also contact Dr. Marcia Wofford, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, or Dr. Tanya Gregory, Director of PA Student Services, to discuss your concerns and various options WFSM may have to offer. Additionally, you may contact the Wake Forest University Learning Assistance Center & Disability Services (LAC-DS) at 336-758-5929 if you feel the need to discuss potential disability accommodation requests.
  • MD students in Introduction to Patient Care courses (such as Clinical Skills) will not be participating in encounters with patients on Isolation Precautions in an effort to continue to conserve PPE. 
  • Additionally, opportunities for students to shadow other providers is have been approved to resume.

Licensure Forms

  • Please email your licensure forms. Please provide your phone number in the email in the event we need to contact you with any questions.
  • If you must drop off your forms, we will have a secure drop box located in front of the Enrollment Services Suite on the first floor of the Bowman Gray Center for Medical Education. Please place your licensure documents in the provided envelope, labeled with your name and phone number in the drop box.
  • If you must pick up your licensure forms instead of having them mailed or emailed on your behalf, you must schedule an appointment by emailing for a specific pick-up time.
  • Our timeline is two to four business days for processing.
  • Some licensure forms cannot be mailed until after your degree has been conferred. We will notify you when your documents have been processed.