Disease Oriented Teams

The Cancer Center has thirteen disease orientated teams (“DOTs”) with the purpose of translating clinical, population and basic research and providing a venue for transdisciplinary and inter-programmatic collaboration to promote the advancement of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer in accordance with the Cancer Center’s Vision and Mission.

Research Studies

Learn more about current clinical studies conducted at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center through the Be Involved research program.

Comprehensive Cancer Center Disease Oriented Teams


Glenn J. Lesser, MD

Glenn Lesser (Co-Leader)

Michael D. Chan, MD

Michael Chan (Co-Leader)


Marissa M. Howard-McNatt, MD

Marissa McNatt  (Co-Leader)


Cancer Control and Survivorship (Geriatrics)

Heidi Diana Klepin, MD

Heidi Klepin (Co-Leader)


 GI (Gastrointestinal)

Caio Max Sao Pedro Rocha Lima, MD, MS

Caio Max Pedro Rocha Lima 
(Co- Leader)

Perry Shen, MD

Perry Shen (Co-Leader)

GU (Genitourinary)

Ashok K. Hemal, MD

Ashok Hemal (Co-Leader)

Michael M. Goodman, MDMichael Goodman (Co-Leader)
Bart A. Frizzell, MD

Bart Frizzell (Co-Leader)



Samuel S. Lentz, MDSamuel Lentz (Co-Leader) Michael G. Kelly, MD

Michael Kelly (Co-Leader)

Head and Neck

Mercedes Porosnicu, MD

Mercedes Porosnicu (Group Leader)

Joshua D. Waltonen, MD

Joshua Waltonen (Co-Leader)

Hematologic Malignancies

Bayard L. Powell, MD

Bayard Powell (Group Leader)

Tim Pardee, MD, PhD

Timothy Pardee (Co-Leader)


William Jeffrey Petty, MD

W. Jeffrey Petty (Group Leader)


Pierre L. Triozzi, MDPierre Triozzi (Group Leader)

Konstantinos Votanopoulos, MD, PhD

Konstantinos Votanopoulos


Tom Williams McLean, MD Thomas McLean (Co-Leader)  

Precision Medicine and Phase 1

Caio Max Sao Pedro Rocha Lima, MD, MS Caio Max Pedro Rocha Lima (Co-Leader) Lowell Lamont Hart, MD Lowell Hart (Co-Leader)

Wei Zhang

Wei Zhang (Co-Leader)



Cynthia L. Emory, MD, MBA

Cynthia Emory (Co-Leader)
Paul D. Savage, MD

Paul Savage (Co-Leader)