Funded Research

The following are some examples of the funded research projects of mentors and cancer control researchers that are available for research participation and manuscripts.

Survivorship: Symptom Management and Quality of Life among Cancer Survivors

  • A Prospective Study of the Impact of Breast Cancer on Symptoms & Functioning (R01CAT008621); PI: Avis
  • A Stepped Care Telehealth Approach to Treat Distress in Rural Cancer Survivors (R21CA198237); PI: Danhauer
  • Understanding and Predicting Fatigue, CV Decline & Events after Breast Ca Treatment (R01CA199167); PI: Hundley
  • Optimizing Health Related Quality of Life Measurement in Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Survivors (R01CA218398); PI: Salsman
  • Influence of Prostate Cancer Treatment on Work Experience with Focus on Race and Income (DOD W81XWH-16-0782); PI: Sandberg
  • eMindful Movement & Breathing to Improve Gynecologic Cancer surgery Outcomes (R34AT009646); PI: Sohl

Lifestyle: Tobacco, Alcohol, Diet and Physical Activity

  • Evaluating New Nicotine Standards for Cigarettes (U54DA031659); PI: Donny
  • Innovative Statistical Methods for Estimating the Effect of Tobacco Product Standards (R03 DA041870); PI: Donny
  • Evaluating Concomitant Use of Very Low Nicotine Cigarettes & E-cigs among Daily & Non-Daily Smokers (R01 DA042526); PI: Donny
  • A Mobile Health Intervention for Relapse Prevention among Women who Quit Smoking During Pregnancy (R21TW010896); PI: Foley
  • Building Social Networks to Improve Physical Activity and Weight Loss in Latino Parents (R01HD084606); PI: Gesell
  • Turn Up the HEAT-Healthy Eating and Activity Time in Summer Day Camps (1R01HD079372); PI: Moore
  • Interventions to Promote Healthy Lifestyle & Academic Performance in Children during the Summer Months (R21HD090647); PI: Moore
  • Policy to Practice: Statewide Rollout of YMCA A Childhood Obesity Standards (1R01HD079422); PI: Moore
  • Tobacco Use during the Transition to Adulthood (R01CA141643); PI: Sutfin
  • Effective Communication on Tobacco Product Risk (P50CA180907); PI: Sutfin
  • Evaluation and Support for the NC Substance Abuse Prevention System (GTS#46078); PI: Wolfson

Cancer Care Delivery

  • Implementation of Smoking Cessation Services within NCORP Community Sites with Lung Screening (R01CA207158); Co PIs: Foley /Chiles
  • Effectiveness & Implementation of mPATH-CRC: a Mobile Health System for Colorectal Cancer Screening (R01CA218416); PI: Miller
  • Implementing Virtual Tobacco Treatment in Community Oncology Practices (subcontract) (1R01CA214427); PI: Wagner
  • Efficacy & Implementation of an EHR Tool to Assess Heart Health among Survivors (1R01CA226078); PI: Weaver
  • Prepare to Care, A Supported Self-Management Intervention for Head and Neck Cancer Caregivers (1R03CA208560-01); PI: Weaver
  • Analysis of ECOG-ACRIN Adverse Event Data to Optimize Strategies for the Longitudinal Assessment of Tolerability in the Context of Evolving Cancer Treatment Paradigms (EVOLV) (U01 CA233169); PI: Wagner
  • Investigating Federal Investments in Research on Religion and Health (John Templeton Foundation); PI: Salsman