Julie Freischlag, MD Julie Freischlag, MD, FACS, FRCSEd(Hon), DFSVS
CEO, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
Dean, Wake Forest School of Medicine.
Lynn Anthony, MD
Evelyn Anthony, MD
Senior Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs
Professor, Radiology
Kim L. Askew, MD
Kim Askew, MD
Associate Dean, Clinical Education
Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine
Greg L. Burke, MD, MS
Gregory L. Burke, MD, MS
Senior Associate Dean for Research and Chief Science Officer
Professor, Division of Public Health Sciences  
Charles Randall Clinch, DO
Randall Clinch, DO, MS
Associate Dean, MD Program Academic Affairs
Associate Dean for Faculty Development
Professor, Family and Community Medicine
Michael Thomas Fitch, MD, PhD
Michael T. Fitch, MD, PhD
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Professor, Emergency Medicine
 Beth Gianopulos Beth M. Gianopulos, JD
Associate Dean of Faculty Relations and Retention
Senior Counsel, Legal Department
Assistant Professor, Surgery
Dwayne W. Godwin, PhD
Dwayne Godwin, PhD
Dean, Graduate Programs in Biomedical Sciences
Professor, Neurobiology and Anatomy
Terry Hales
Terry Hales, MBA
Senior Vice President, Academic Administration and Operations 
Executive Vice Dean , Wake Forest School of Medicine
Sara Jones, PhD
Sara R. Jones, PhD
Associate Dean for Basic Science Research
Chair, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
Stephen Kritchevsky, PhD
Stephen Kritchevsky, PhD
Associate Dean, Research Development
Director, Sticht Center on Aging
Professor, Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine
Brenda A. Latham-Sadler, MD

Brenda A. Latham-Sadler, MD
Associate Dean, Student Inclusion and Diversity
Associate Professor, Family and Community Medicine
Michael P. Lischke, EdD
Michael P. Lischke, MPH, EdD
Associate Dean, Continuing Medical Education
Richard Janeway, MD, Distinguished Director of Northwest Area Health Education Center
Associate Professor, Family and Community Medicine
Donald A. Mcclain, MD, PhD
Don McClain, MD, PhD
Senior Associate Dean, Clinical and Translational Science
Director, Center on Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism
Chris O'Byrne - Wake Forest School of Medicine

Christopher O'Byrne
Vice President and Associate Dean, Research Administration and Operations  
Timothy R. Peters, MD
Timothy Peters, MD
Associate Dean, Educational Strategy and Innovation
Associate Professor, Pediatrics
Patrick S. Reynolds, MD
Patrick Reynolds, MD
Associate Dean, Basic Science Education
Professor, Neurology
Avinash K. Shetty, MD
Avi Shetty, MD
Associate Dean, Global Health
Professor, Pediatrics
Mitch C. Sokolosky, MD
Mitchell C. Sokolosky, MD
Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education
Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine
Lynne E. Wagenknecht, DrPH
Lynne Wagenknecht, DrPH
Professor of Epidemiology and Prevention
Interim Director, Public Health Sciences
Marcia M. Wofford, MD
Marcia M. Wofford, MD
Associate Dean, Student Affairs
Professor, Pediatrics
Terri Yates - Wake Forest School of Medicine
Terri Yates, PhD
Vice President and Associate Dean, Healthcare Education Administration