Dear Readers,

We present to you the sixth volume of the Wake Forest Journal of Science & Medicine. This year has been fraught with challenges that has altered virtually every facet of our personal and professional lives. We are grateful to the clinicians, scientists, and volunteers in our community whose extraordinary efforts have allowed for the Journal to publish not only a special issue that focused on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also this regular issue that includes a broader collection of original science, case report, and perspective manuscripts.

The Journal entered its sixth year since the inaugural edition was published. Since its creation, this student-led, peer-reviewed journal has continued to grow and garner more attention and visibility within our community. The Journal is now published electronically, as well as in print, with ongoing efforts for journal indexing in the near future. Additionally, a new milestone was achieved this year with the publication of the Journal’s first special issue. As we have continued to improve the author publishing experience and accessibility of published manuscripts, we have remained dedicated to providing the opportunity to publish without the burden of publication costs to the authors. This would not be possible, however, without the team of volunteers that include student, staff, faculty, and administrators who donated their time and effort to bring this issue of the Journal to fruition. It is because of them that the Journal can continue its legacy of being a relied upon platform on which up-to-date, accurate and relevant scientific and medical research and ideas can be shared.

For both of us, being involved with WFJSM has been an integral part of our medical school years. From editing manuscripts to managing teams of editors, our work with the Journal has allowed us to grow as medical students, leaders, and scientists. It has been a privilege to work alongside our peers and colleagues and to serve our community in this role. Although our departure is bittersweet, we are confident that we are leaving the Journal in the most competent of hands to improve and expand this publication to new horizons.

We hope you find novel and compelling knowledge within the pages of this edition of WFJSM that inspires you to constantly strive for the best quality of patient care.

Emilie Lothet and Benjamin Corona
Editors in Chief