Wake Forest University School of Medicine Endowed Scholarships

78% of endowed scholarships listed have been established by or in honor/memory of an alumnus/alumna. The following listing represents endowed funds established as of December 31, 2022.

Carlton N. Adams Family Scholarship

Eugene Wesley Adcock III, MD and CarolAnn Adcock Scholarship

Billie and Charles I. Allen Jr., MD Family Scholarship

Elms L. Allen, MD and Harriet C. Allen Scholarship

Tammy Marie Allen, MD and Darryl Watson Scholarship

Rosemarie and William O. Ameen Jr., MD Scholarship

Katherine Anderson Scholarship (PA)

Ted S. Anderson, MD Scholarship in Medicine


AON Group Scholarship

Camillo and Bianca Artom Scholarship

Ashton-Grice Family MD Scholarship

Donald E. Bahr Scholarship

Dorothy C. Baker and Alfred L. Baker, MD Scholarship

Dr. Marshall Ball Scholarship

Fred and Hallie Ballenger Scholarship

Saundra Ann Murray Banks, RN Nursing Scholarship

Ruth Storner and George C. Barrett, MD Scholarship

Katelyn Joy Beardsley, RN, MSNA Wellness Memorial Fund

Albert J. Beckmann Scholarship

John and Kathy Black Physician Assistant Scholarship

Kyle E. Black, MD Family Scholarship

Robert F. Blackard, MD and Sammye H. Blackard Distinguished Scholarship

Thomas R. Blackburn, MD and Barbara S. Blackburn Scholarship

Ralph W. Bland, MD Scholarship

Steven and Linda Block Scholarship

Walter J. Bo, PhD Scholarship

Stanley P. Bohrer Scholarship

Joyce H. and Douglas R. Boyette, MD Scholarship

Abe Brenner Memorial Scholarship

Cathy B. Briggs, CRNA Scholarship

Tilman Carlisle Britt Jr., MD Scholarship

Marsha and Edwin A. Bronsky, MD Family Scholarship

Thomas J.M. and Iris W. Burnett Medical Scholarship

D. Scott Burton, MD and Mary Dunson Burton, MD Scholarship

Graham Vance Byrum, MD Family Scholarship

Lawrence M. Caldwell Sr., MD Scholarship

W. C. Calton Scholarship

Tommie Lee Canipe, MD and Cynthia J. Canipe Scholarship in Memory of John Herbert Holden Jr.

Dr. Martin and Sandra Castelbaum Scholarship

Jeffrey N. Caudle, CRNA Scholarship

Pasqualino A. Ciccarelli Scholarship

Cigna Scholarship

Clark Family Scholarship

Deane C. Cline and Wayne A. Cline Sr. MD Family Scholarship

M. Jennings Clingan, MD and Scott A. Clingan, PA Endowed Scholarship

Paul G. Colavita, MD and Anna O. Colavita Family Scholarship

Jack A. and Joan D. Cooper Family MD Scholarship

DeWitt Cromer Cordell Scholarship

Cort Family Scholarship

Coscia Family Scholarship Fund

Sandy Lee Cowgill Memorial Scholarship

Craig-Hollingsworth Scholarship

Frederick Thorns Craven, MD and Sarah Judson McKinley Craven Scholarship

Louie Samuel Daniel Sr., MD and Ruth McMillan Daniel Scholarship

Courtland H. Davis, Jr., MD Scholarship

Katherine Davis Scholarship (est. by MD Class of 1961)

Robert Lee Davis, MD Scholarship

Dean’s Leadership Circle Endowment

DeMasi Family MD Scholarship

Demon Docs Scholarship

Dewey-Woody Family Scholarship

Donald Perry Douglass, Sr., MD and Ann Baxley Douglass, RN Scholarship

Jacob Robert Dowdy, Jr. Memorial MD Scholarship

Lee P. and Michelle R. Dresser Family MD Scholarship

Lisa Dull Memorial Scholarship

T. Arthur Edgerton, MD and Ann K. Edgerton, PA Family Scholarship

Timothy F. Edwards, MD Scholarship

Mark E. Ellis, MD Scholarship

Terrell and Nancy Estes Family Scholarship

Joseph J. Estwanik, MD and Janice C. Estwanik Scholarship

Ann and John Faris Scholarship

Marcia Pregnall Farrar, PA Family Scholarship

Dr. Arthur L. and Harriet R. Fein Scholarship

Carolyn R. Ferree, MD Scholarship

George W. and Ershil P. Fisher Scholarship

James S. Forrester Sr., MD Scholarship in Family Medicine

Andy, JoAnn Fulp and Rusel Foster Family Scholarship (CRNA)

Julie Ann Freischlag, MD and Philip J. Roethle Scholarship

Frances A. Frey, CRNA Scholarship

Judith Griffin Fryrear, RN, MSN Distinguished Nursing Scholarship

Craig T. Gallanis Scholarship (est. by MD Class of 1989)

Dorothy Frazier Glenn and Stephanie M. Glenn, MD Scholarship

Global Health Mission Fund

Gordon-Watts Scholarship

Kimberly A. Gordon, DNP, CRNA Student Legislative Award

Louis N. Gottlieb, MD Scholarship

Bowman and James Gray Scholarship

Eugene P. Gray Memorial Scholarship

Lindsay Carter Gray, MD Scholarship

Wendell Randolph and Hattie Cornelia Causby Grigg Scholarship

William T. Grimes, Jr., MD Scholarship

Norman M. and Eleanor H. Gross Scholarship

Dr. Thomas L. Gwynn and Dr. Bee Gatling Gwynn Scholarship

Robert W. Hamill, MD and Donna G. Hamill Scholarship

Carol Hanes Memorial Scholarship

Burnett H. Hansen Memorial Scholarship

Charles D. Harr MD and Debra Bass Harr MD Scholarship

Randy B. Hartman, MD Scholarship

Hawthorne Hill Wake Forest School of Medicine Fund

William Randolph Hearst Medical Scholarship

Kristin J. Henderson, DNAP, CRNAInnovative Education Award

Paul Eugene Hendricks, MD and Helen C. Hendricks Scholarship

William N.P. Herbert, MD and Marsha Turner Herbert Scholarship

Dr. Felda and Elizabeth S. Hightower Scholarship

Hobbs-McGough Scholarship

Ruth Warren Holleman Scholarship (CRNA)

Paul L. Horn, MD Memorial Scholarship

Howell Family Fund

Robert Earl Howell Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Howse Family Scholarship

Lucile Hutaff Scholarship (PA)

Haywood M. Ingram, MD Scholarship

Dr. Tom Ivey Memorial Scholarship

Richard Janeway, MD Scholarship

Katherine P. Janeway and Richard Janeway, MD Family Scholarship

Jarrahi Family Scholarship

Thomas E. Jenkins, CRNA Scholarship

Mary Jane and Harold W. Johnston, MD Scholarship

Mendall Jordan, MD Scholarship

Victor Wang-Ta Ng, MD and Alice Sui Har Wong Ng Family Scholarship

Thomas R. Scott, MD Scholarship

Zelma A. Kalnins, MD Scholarship

Betsy and Edward Karotkin, MD Family Scholarship

Charlotte R. Kay Scholarship

John Hume Killian, MD Scholarship (est. by MD Class of 1967)

J. LeRoy King, MD Scholarship

Katherine C. King, MD Scholarship

Kitchin Family Scholarship

John R. Knott Scholarship

Roena and Petro Kulynych Scholarship

Lampley ’45-Taylor ’63 Scholarship

Brenda A. Latham-Sadler, MD Scholarship in Memory of Raleigh (Ted) and Genetha Lewis

Gary C. and Louise Y. Ledbetter, MD Scholarship

Katherine D. and W. Hampton Lefler Jr., MD Scholarship

Anne C. Leister Nursing Scholarship

James W. Lewis Scholarship

Lois F. Lee Lin, MD Scholarship

Jeremy A. and Amy Wilson Long Family Scholarship

Long Family Scholarship

Thomas T. Long III, MD and Sandra W. Long Scholarship

Kin W. Lui, MD and Paula Huie Scholarship

Mary Elizabeth Lyon-Smith, MD and Thomas F. Smith Scholarship

Elisha T. and Eva B. Marshburn Memorial Scholarship

Kenneth F. Mattucci, MD and Lisa J. Mattucci Family Scholarship

W. Joseph May, MD Scholarship

Donald E. and Edna W. McCollum Scholarship

David L. McCullough, MD and Carroll L. McCullough Scholarship

McGuirt Family Scholarship

Charles H. McLeskey, MD and Nanci McLeskey Scholarship

Dalton L. McMichael Sr. Scholarship

MD Class of 1943 Scholarship

MD Class of 1952 Scholarship

MD Class of 1956 Scholarship

MD Class of 1957 Scholarship

MD Class of 1958 Scholarship

MD Class of 1959 Scholarship

MD Class of 1968 Scholarship

MD Class of 1969 Scholarship

MD Class of 1970 Scholarship

MD Class of 1971 Scholarship

MD Class of 1972 Scholarship

MD Class of 1974 Scholarship

MD Class of 1978 Scholarship

MD Class of 1980 Scholarship

MD Class of 1981 Scholarship

MD Class of 1982 Scholarship

MD Class of 1983 Scholarship

MD Class of 1985 Scholarship

MD Class of 1986 Scholarship

MD Class of 1996 Scholarship

Suzanne Meads Merit Scholarship

Medical Alumni Association Scholarship

Medical Scholars Fund

John G. Medlin Jr. Scholarship

Paul and Marcia Meis Scholarship

Henry S. Miller Jr., MD Scholarship

Joel B. Miller, MD and Nancy M. Miller Family Scholarship

Joel B. Miller, MD Pro Humanitate PA Award

Philip R. Miller, MD and Nan Dupree Miller Scholarship

Helen and Norman Moore Physician Assistant Scholarship

Mary Jane Morrison, MD, PhD Scholarship

Ruth Cadieu Musselwhite Scholarship

Myers Family Scholarship

Fred Alton Neal, MD Scholarship

Nelson Family Scholarship

Luci L. New, DNP, CRNA Scholarship

Newman Family Distinguished Scholarship

Godfrey P. Oakley Jr., MD and Mary Ann B. Oakley Scholarship

Richard B. Odom, MD and Elise H. Odom Scholarship

Ruth O'Neal Scholarship Fund

Sandra Maree Ouellette, CRNA, MEd, FAAN International SRNA Education Fund

Sandra Maree Ouellette Nurse Anesthesia Scholarship

Joseph “Joey” Randal Overby IV Memorial Scholarship

Anne Eller Pardue Scholarship

Margaret W. and Harry O. Parker Scholarship

Annette G. Pashayan, MD and Mark A. Pashayan, MD Scholarship

D. Russell Perry Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Robert R. Perz Memorial Scholarship (est. by MD Class of 1984)

Angela Peterman, MD and LTC Edward Ponatoski Scholarship

Betty Petree Nurse Anesthesia Scholarship

Sandy Poehling Medical Guild Scholarship

Terry W. Poole, MD Scholarship

William Lewis Pope Memorial Scholarship

Clyde R. Potter, MD Scholarship

Thurston G. Powell, MD Scholarship

Laura W. Pratt, MD Scholarship

Deborah Fyffe Prier, MD Scholarship

Helen and A. Bert Pruitt Jr., MD Scholarship

James D. Puckett, MD and Vicki B. Puckett Scholarship

Catherine Donlin and Richard L. Rauck, MD Scholarship

Charles N. Remy, PhD Scholarship

Reynolds Scholars – John W. Packer Scholarship

Bill Richardson Scholarship

Jessie Ridley Foundation Scholarship

Patrick N. Riggs, MD and Gail S. Riggs, PhD Family Scholarship

Mike and Lucy Robbins Graduate Scholarship

A. Lindsay Robertson Scholarship

J. Michael Rogers, MD and Joan M. Rogers Scholarship

T. Johnson Ross Jr., MD Family Scholarship

Jonathan S. Rubens, MD Scholarship

Charlie and Dwan Ruppe Nurse Anesthesia Scholarship

Rural Family Practice Scholarship

Carl King Rust II, MD Scholarship

Sawada Family Scholarship

C. Glenn Sawyer, MD Scholarship

Charles W. Scarantino, MD and Mary R. Scarantino Scholarship

Ellen and Andrew Schindler Medical Scholarship

Dr. T.A. and Maureen Schultz Scholarship

Lyttleton B. Scott Jr. Scholarship

Samuel Russell Scott, MD Scholarship

Brenda and Tim Scronce Physician Assistant Scholarship

Evelyn Holden & Robert H. Shackelford, MD Scholarship

Martin and Florence Shafran Family MD Scholarship

Jan Shaw, MD and Richard L. McCoy, MD Scholarship

Dr. Maurice Edward Shils and Betty Bell Shils Scholarship

Steven D. Silverman, MD Scholarship

Timothy J. Silvester, MD Scholarship

John R. Sinden, MD and Susan G. Sinden, MD Scholarship

James D. Sink, MD Scholarship

David Bryan Sloan III, MD Memorial Scholarship (est. by MD Class of 1988)

Mary N. and Norman R. Sloop, MD Scholarship

Lillian Stansfield Smith Scholarship (CRNA)

Richard D. Snyder, MD Family Scholarship

Lynn and JoAnn Spees Family Scholarship

F. Eleanor Stafford, MD Scholarship

Catherine E. Staplefoote, PA-C Scholarship

Roy A. Stephens, MD Scholarship

Robert L. Stephenson, MD and Mary Geo Stephenson Scholarship

Colin and Mary Louise Stokes Scholarship

Stotka Family Scholarship

Norman N. Sulkin Scholarship

Tannenbaum-Sternberger Foundation Scholarship

Ercell A. and Linda W. Tate PA Scholarship

H. Howell Taylor, Jr. Scholarship

Stan and Maggie Tennant Scholarship

B. Lionel Truscott, MD Scholarship

Roy E. Truslow, MD and Caroline Gray Truslow Scholarship

Glenn Monroe Tucker Scholarship

Allen Van Dyke, MD Scholarship

Patricia H. Vann Scholarship

Helen P. Vos, CRNA Memorial Scholarship

Vogler Family MD Scholarship

Wake Forest Medical Scholarship

Mike Walker, PA Excellence Scholarship

George H. Wall, MD and Billie O. Wall Family Scholarship

Wilson K. ‘Bill’ and Karen M. Wallace MD Scholarship

Dawn B. Wallenhaupt, CRNA Scholarship

Stephen L. Wallenhaupt, MD Distinguished Scholarship

Weir Family Scholarship

James O. Wells Jr., MD and Sybil B. Wells Scholarship

Wells Fargo Educational Scholarship

J. Herbert West, MD and Beverly West Family Scholarship

J. Andrews White Scholarship

Kenneth S. White, MD and Lena W. White Scholarship in Honor of Frank B. Wyatt, Esq.

Jacob W. Whitener, Jr. MD Scholarship

Dr. Hillory M. Wilder Scholarship

J. Curtis Williams Jr., MD and Cathy Williams Distinguished Family Scholarship

Leon F. Woodruff Jr., MD Scholarship

Leon F. Woodruff Jr., MD Scholarship

Woodruff-Wright MD Scholarship

Robert L. Wooten, Jr. Family PA Scholarship

Paul H. Wright, MD Family Scholarship

Dr. Garland W. & Linda Daniels Yarborough Family Scholarship

Foster Harold Young Jr., MD Scholarship

Dr. Kyle A. Young and Caroline Spratt Young Medical Scholars Fund

"This scholarship is nothing short of a blessing, and your support is the only reason I am in medical school. Not only has this scholarship allowed me to attend medical school, it has allowed me to receive an education from some of the kindest and greatest minds I have ever been exposed to. I am so happy and thankful to be at Wake Forest School of Medicine." - Brandon Sowell, MD Class of 2021

Scholarships: How Alumni Can Pay It Forward

Alumni are often motivated by a desire to create a legacy at their medical school while simultaneously “paying it forward” for a medical student to benefit from an endowed scholarship. Scholarships support our role as an academic medical center to inspire students toward their goals as future doctors, nurse anesthetists, physician assistants, researchers — where they will touch thousands of patients, improving lives year after year. They will join generations of physician leaders educated in the Wake Forest University School of Medicine tradition of rigorous training, innovative research and deep compassion. This Q&A will help you understand how you can help our students reach their goals through an endowed scholarship.