"There can never be enough voices in support of empathy and compassion."

It is our goal to make space for, honor, and incorporate the uniqueness of each student’s lived experience into the care and support we offer our student clients.

Our Mission

Counseling and Well-Being Services (CAWS) is here to help you flourish.

Our services are open to all School of Medicine campuses and are offered within a context that respects the unique dignity and strength of each person and honors cultural and individual differences. CAWS also works in conjunction with the School of Medicine at large to help create an environment that supports learning and develops the whole person.

We Believe

  • Our students are courageous, innately resourceful, and fiercely curious
  • The unique lived experiences of students add to the richness of our community
  • Our clients are the best expert on themselves
  • Making a decision to seek support through counseling is a sign of strength and wisdom
  • All of our students have inherent potential for healing and growth and the capacity to flourish personally and professionally