Affinity Groups

African American/Black and Allies Affinity Group 

Our Affinity Group’s purpose is to support and encourage African American/Black faculty, staff and learners through the following goals: 

  • Advancement (Advising/Mentoring/Sponsoring for academic, scholarly work, career development/advising) 
  • Collaborations and education (for leadership and scholarly work) that informs, edifies and elevates through professional development offerings 
  • Recruitment and retention (for faculty, staff, leadership, students, etc.) 
  • Community and employee engagement (Juneteenth, Speaker’s Bureau, strategic community partnerships) 

Indigenous Peoples Affinity Group 

The Indigenous Peoples Affinity Group represents First Peoples who are the original or earliest known inhabitants of an area such as American Indians, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Native Alaskans. This affinity group wants to develop a network of support and spark discussions within the Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist system pertinent to Indigenous Peoples' concerns by promoting visibility and providing education. 


  1. Educate providers, faculty, staff, learners and the community about Indigenous Peoples including current customs, beliefs, and attitudes toward a variety of topics 
  1. Enhance Indigenous Peoples' visibility/presence by providing educational and social venues 
  1. Provide consultation to those who are interested in designing activities to educate the community, recruit and retain employees and to honor Indigenous Peoples 
  1. Provide a venue for providers, faculty, staff, and learners who identify with the Indigenous Peoples and allies may find support and camaraderie and also learn about the differences among the participants in this group 

Jewish Affinity Group 

The Jewish Affinity Group hopes to be a visible presence to those who identify as Jewish or interested in Jewish culture. Our Affinity Group will be a resource to facilitate activities and awareness around Jewish cultural practices and events. We also hope to catalyze multi-cultural, interfaith activities across the enterprise to foster a richer workplace experience. 


  • To improve the visibility and representation of cultural diversity within the Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist system  
  • To assist in building an inclusive and welcoming environment for people of diverse cultural backgrounds across the heath system for all including our patients and their families 
  • To facilitate education and exposure to culturally diverse members of our workplace community 
  • To advocate for staff, providers, learners, and faculty in upholding certain Jewish customs such as excused absences for major holidays 
  • To liaise with the Jewish Students Group at the school of medicineto provide mentorship and advising opportunities as well as fostering a community within the medical community. 

Hispanic/Latinx Affinity Group 

The Hispanic/Latinx Affinity Group’s purpose is to increase awareness about issues and ideas that are specific to the Hispanic/Latinx community at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist. Anyone who wants to learn more about the dynamic cultures that represent a variety of Hispanic and Latin American countries, cultures and traditions is welcome to engage in this affinity group. 

Our purpose will be achieved focusing on the following goals 

  • Strengthen communication and enhance networking opportunities among Hispanic/Latinx Staff and Faculty across departments. 
  • Develop strategies to increase recruitment, retention, and progression of Hispanic/Latinx staff and faculty at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist. 
  • Identify key faculty to initiate/pilot the mentoring program for the Hispanic/Latinx medical students via the Latino Medical School Association (LMSA) and other student groups to assist and promote the advancement in their professional career development 
  • Become advocates for our community and partner with Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist administration on issues regarding Hispanic/Latinx health care 

LGBTQ+ and Allies Affinity Group 

The LGBTQ+ and Allies Affinity group is open to all employees who identify as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer and other gender-expansive communities, as well as those interested in supporting and collaborating with the LGBTQ+ community both internal and external to Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist. 

Muslim Affinity Group 

The Muslim Affinity Group envisions connecting employees, students and faculty together to provide educational and networking opportunities for anyone interested in learning about the Muslim culture. The group will work collectively work with all affinity groups to show that Muslims as well as all other groups are important members of Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist who contributes to and values the success of the institution. 


  1. Provide support and serve as a resource to patients, providers, faculty, staff, and learners who are Muslim 
  1. Collaborate with all other groups to increase understanding and help eliminate the misconceptions and stereotypes about Muslims and all the other groups  

Veterans Society 

The Veterans Society will focus on increasing awareness and engagement of military veterans within our health system and the community.  This group represents those who are active, reserve and retired military personnel as well as their family members, spouses and supporters who want to collaborate on outreach, education, advocacy and recruitment and retention efforts related to the various military branches. 

The society's primary focus areas are: 

  • Networking: to promote professional growth and development, and share insights to improve awareness and support for our veterans 
  • Community outreach and partnerships: to support and/or volunteer with other local and regional non-profit & charitable veteran advocacy and service organizations 
  • Enhancing quality of life for veterans and their families: to help our coveted heroes find what is necessary to meet their fullest potential, by fostering access to necessary care, services, and developing professional and personal mentorship opportunities 
  • Making Wake Forest Baptist Health the #1 place of employment for veterans: to strategize and participate in various veteran retention and/or recruitment activities and by helping our veterans transition back to civilian life and work 
  • Event planning: to assist in the development and planning of related recognition events and activities, including Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, organizing special guest speakers, and informational symposiums 

White Affinity Group for Racial Equity 

The White Affinity Group for Racial Equity advances racial equity by carrying out the following goals in partnership with other Affinity Groups: 

  • To commit to and actively engage in our own personal growth and development around the role of white people in racial equity issues and the intersectionality of race in other equity issues 
  • In collaboration with other affinity groups, to educate Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist and other stakeholders around where and why racial inequalities exist within systems and advocate for systemic change 
  • To engage white people and other stakeholders in implementing and sustaining these strategies to improve racial equity