At the Center for Experiential and Applied Learning (CEAL), we believe the best way to learn a new clinical procedure or method is through hands-on training. We bring experts together to deliver that hands-on experience using the latest in technology and educational methods. At CEAL, we help Wake Forest students, staff, faculty, residents, and other health care providers as well as industry, government agencies, medical organizations and health care institutions:
  • Develop new strategies for care
  • Improve the use of medical devices and instruments
  • Learn new procedures
  • Test and assess new models of clinical care
  • Work better as teams

Based at the internationally recognized Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, CEAL has access to the latest in technology, as well as nationally and internationally recognized clinical and research faculty. By using applied learning with tabletop task trainers, fresh human tissue, synthetic tissue and high-fidelity patient simulations, our partners achieve their missions to improve patient care outcomes.

Our Mission

The principle mission of CEAL is to serves Wake Forest Baptist Health and the healthcare community by promoting and sustaining the delivery of superior patient care, using experiential and applied learning that is grounded in educational theory and scientific discovery.

Our Values

We seek to advance the delivery of health care by providing hands-on immersive learning for current and future clinical professionals.

We are guided by a responsibility to the patients who will be treated by the health care practitioners we support. For that reason, our primary mission is to improve the care and safety of the patients who will fall under the care of the students we train.

Our Goals

Our goal is to engage health care practitioners in active hands-on learning that fosters medical competency and confidence. We believe knowledge that is best applied to clinical practice enables learning verified for practice. We share and partner with pre-eminent professional medical societies, government agencies and industry to provide the optimal resources to advance applied learning and competency assessment.

Clinical Goals

As a regional and national core training facility, CEAL provides a variety of shared learning laboratories, instructional equipment, hands-on training resources and curriculum development services required to advance clinical care capacities and improve patient care outcomes. This includes a focused mission on measured improvements in patient care.