.We believe that our educational resources and support should not only be used during the formal educational program but also support the development of prospective learners and provide educational services to those who are further along in their career trajectory.

Critical Care and Nursing Anesthesia Exploration

The Wake Forest University School of Medicine Department of Academic Nursing is committed to lifelong learning. The H3A (Head, Heart, Hands of Anesthesia) development program was established with the overall goal of assisting nurses in learning the skills needed to succeed in nurse anesthesia education. The C2ANE (Critical Care and Anesthesia Nursing Exploration) is built on the foundation of H3A.

An additional aim is for nurses to associate major concepts in critical care and their practice, thereby enhancing their appreciation of critical care. Critical care knowledge and skills are necessary for nurse anesthesia education.

In addition, concepts in adult learning will be reinforced, assisting nurses in successful graduate education. Participants’ expectations include didactic education in neuro, cardiovascular, and respiratory anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology, principles of adult learning, history of anesthesia, and hands-on skills in airway management, vascular access using ultrasound, and simulation.”

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General and Advanced Nursing Practice Providers

We offer programs to support the learning needs of General Nursing Practitioners and Advanced Practice Nursing Providers and for those who are seeking re-entry to (CRNA) practice.  Contact us at wakece@wakehealth.edu for additional information.

NBCRNA-Recognized Simulation Center
The Wake Forest Nurse Anesthesia Program provides the simulation-based skills assessment required for Step 2 of the re-entry program of the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA).  Please Note: This current offering is under revision.

CRNA Course: Complete Review of Nurse Anesthesia
The Wake Forest CRNA Course offers 100 Class A CEs through a combination of both classroom lecture and simulation activities. This course is designed to update participants’ skills and knowledge of current theoretical practice in anesthesia to meet current standards of nurse anesthesia practice and to help CRNAs qualify for reinstatement of lapsed certifications.