Portable, wireless high-fidelity patient simulation allows us to bring simulation to any space to optimize the learning experience.

In addition, CEAL’s partnership with Human Analogue Applications, a company that develops and produces procedural task trainers, allows us to design, develop, fabricate and implement novel synthetic tissue trainers for medical procedure education and competency assessment. Human Analogue Applications specializes in the custom design and fabrication of synthetic tissues with the deformation and haptic, or tactile, properties of human tissues to advance education in procedures and standardized testing.

The American Society for Anesthesiology has approved our facilities as a training site for Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology (MOCA®) courses. Our MOCA training and testing services, coupled with specialized courses, make us one of only a few such sites in the southeastern U.S.

Simulation Suites

CEAL offers a variety of simulation environments, simulators and task trainers to assist with the education and assessment of health care providers from multiple disciplines.

Our simulation rooms are set up to replicate the actual clinical environments. The rooms include recording and monitoring capabilities and debriefing areas, and can be used with simulators, task trainers and standardized patients.

Simulation rooms include:

  • Emergency room
  • Inpatient rooms
  • Operating room
  • Outpatient rooms
  • Trauma room

To assist with educational and assessment events, we also have a variety of mannequin simulators, including:

  • A birthing simulator
  • A newborn simulator
  • Adult simulators
  • Pediatric simulators

Task trainers are also available to augment the education and assessment activities of CEAL.

Mock Operating Room

CEAL maintains an advanced, fully functional mock operating room.

Features include:

  • A connected surgical debriefing room for processing team task loading scenarios
  • An observation window, along with five remote cameras for room observation, event recording and video control
  • HDccTV capabilities shared with 40 adjacent clinical operating rooms
  • Interactive high-density video recording and webcast capabilities
  • Two adjacent interactive surgery classrooms with a combined seating capacity for 60 surgeons

Surgery Academy

The CEAL Surgery Academy offers a variety of meeting and training options, with live surgery connections available in the classrooms, the mock OR and the debriefing room.

The Surgery Academy also maintains a Basic Surgical Skills Lab for fundamentals of laparoscopic surgery training and testing through the American College of Surgery, as well as an Advanced Surgical Skills Training Lab for advanced skills courses. These courses use seven training stations designed for open or endoscopic procedure courses that require human tissues applied to the practice of urology, uro/gyn, obstetrics, ENT, neurosurgery or orthopedics.