Congratulations on your acceptance to Wake Forest University School of Medicine’s Doctor of Medicine program Class of 2027. This page will outline the expectations and requirements for matriculation.

Plan to Enroll/Commit to Enroll

Wake Forest University School of Medicine requires accepted applicants to utilize the “PLAN TO ENROLL” and “COMMIT TO ENROLL” options on AMCAS. Below are the school of medicine guidelines.

May 1 - The school of medicine requires you to choose one school to “PLAN TO ENROLL” on AMCAS. You will need to decline all other acceptances, but you may remain on waitlists. If the school of medicine receives notification from AMCAS that you “PLAN TO ENROLL” at another institution, the school of medicine has the right to withdraw your seat from our class. If you require additional time beyond May 1 to make your decision, please contact immediately.

May 1 -  AMCAS "COMMIT TO ENROLL" opens on AMCAS (not required by the school of medicine until June 15)


June 15 - The school of medicine requires “COMMIT TO ENROLL” on AMCAS. The school of medicine requires admitted students to select one school to “COMMIT TO ENROLL” on AMCAS. Failure to do this will result in the school of medicine rescinding your offer of admission. You must remove your name from other schools' waitlists.


Acceptance into medical school is contingent upon adequate performance after acceptance, therefore it is essential that we receive a final transcript from the university in which your final degree was conferred (Bachelors and Graduate, if applicable). If you have already completed your degree, the transcript can be sent now. If you are still in progress, please do not send until you have completed your program and your degree is conferred. AMCAS does not provide us with transcripts that were sent to them during the application process. Transcripts can be sent electronically (must be official from the institution) to or mailed to:

Office of Student Admissions
Wake Forest University School of Medicine
475 Vine Steet, Suite 130
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Background Checks

Background checks are required for all incoming students and are being procured by Certiphi Screening through AMCAS. Notifications to complete background checks start in mid-January for those students accepted from October-December and 14-20 business days after acceptance for those accepted in January-July. If after this time period you have not received notification to complete the background check, please contact the Office of MD Student Admissions.


All incoming medical students are required to provide proof of required immunizations. Accepted students will be sent an email with further information regarding collection of immunization records by mid April. All immunizations must be turned in by June 1, 2023. Failure to comply with the deadline could result in revocation of your admission’s offer.

View the School of Medicine's immunization requirements for enrollment.

Information Regarding Student Laptop Requirements

This information provides Wake Forest University School of Medicine students with information regarding laptops that will work successfully with the school of medicine curriculum. It also informs students about the laptop support that is offered by the Academic Computing support team.

The Academic Computing support team offers assistance with basic configuration and questions regarding wireless connectivity, WakeHealth accounts, and school of medicine email. The support team is available for assistance from 8am – 5pm Monday – Friday. The Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Service Desk offers assistance after hours by calling 336-716-4357.

The Academic Computing support team offers additional support, such as operating system and warranty hardware repairs, for laptops purchased from the school of medicine's preferred hardware vendor website. Copy and paste link into your web browser.

During these repairs, a loaner laptop may be provided if available.

Laptops not purchased through the school of medicine's preferred vendor will receive support on a best-effort basis. Hardware repairs are not provided for laptop models other than HP or Apple. Academic Computing will provide a list of local repair facilities in Winston-Salem that can be used for those models, or students can contact the vendor directly for support.

The minimum laptop requirements for best results with the school of medicine curriculum are as follows:

First Day of School and Orientation

School will tentatively start on July 7, 2023. The Office of Student Affairs will reach out closer to that start regarding the schedule of the week and information about White Coat Ceremony.