The purpose of the Qualitative and Patient-Reported Outcomes (Q-PRO) Shared Resource is to support population-focused research conducted by researchers in the Wake Forest Baptist Comprehensive Cancer Center (WFBCCC) and the Wake Forest School of Medicine (WFSM) community. We provide pre-award scientific consultation to WFBCCC and WFSM investigators, and research infrastructure to support both qualitative and patient-reported outcomes research for funded projects.

The Q-PRO Shared Resource addresses the unmet needs for methodological expertise in qualitative research and patient-reported outcomes that promotes translational research in clinical and community settings.

Publication Highlights

The Q-PRO Shared Resource has collaborated on the following publications with investigators:
  • Gesell SB, Golden SL, Limkakeng AT, Carr CM, Matuskowitz A, Smith LM, Mahler SA.  Implementation of the HEART Pathway: Using the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research. Critical Pathways in Cardiology. 2018; 17(4):191-200

  • Christensen ER, Golden SL, Gesell SB. Perceived benefits of peer support groups for stroke survivors and caregivers in rural North Carolina. NC Medical Journal. 2019;80(3):143-148.

  • Haberman C, Golden SL, Ashford DM, Miller-Fitzwater A. Transitioning to adult care for children and youth with special healthcare needs: patient and caregiver perspectives. Wake Forest Journal of Science & Medicine. 2019;4(1):6-11.

Q-PRO Resource Support Staff

Q-PRO directors and support staff members meet with each investigator to discuss new project requests to guide investigators in how to best utilize Q-PRO services to meet their research objectives and advance scientific discovery in investigators’ respective areas of research.