Q-PRO Research Teammates

Erin Sutfin, PhD - Director

Erin Sutfin, PhD - Director
Professor, Social Sciences and Health Policy

Dr. Sutfin, a Developmental Psychologist, is a Professor in the Department of Social Sciences and Health Policy. Her expertise and research interests include tobacco control research, qualitative and quantitative research methods and community-based research. Dr. Sutfin has extensive leadership experience as a principle investigator on large, community-based tobacco control studies.

Sarah Birken, PhD - Assistant Director

Sarah Birken, PhD - Assistant Director
Associate Professor, Implementation Sciences

Dr. Birken, an Organizational Sociologist, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Implementation Science. Her expertise is in qualitative research methods, mixed methods and dissemination and implementation science. Dr. Birken has used qualitative research in multiple federally funded studies at the intersection of implementation science, cancer prevention and control research.

Kimberly Wiseman - QPRO Shared Resource at Wake Forest

Kimberly Wiseman, MS - Program Manager

Kimberly is a Program Manager III with significant experience overseeing large research projects/programs and in qualitative research. Her program management experience allows her to take primary responsibility of coordinating Q-PRO's projects, timelines and financials and supervision of Q-PRO teammates. Kimberly also has experience with qualitative research, including focus groups, semi-structured interviews and cognitive interviews. Additionally, she has experience conducting qualitative coding and analysis with Atlas.ti and Dedoose, conducting rapid analyses and mentoring investigators in qualitative research methods. Kimberly completed her Master of Science degree in Psychology at the University of Wyoming in 2012 and joined Wake Forest School of Medicine in 2014.

Sabina B. Gesell, PhD - Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) Lead

Sabina B. Gesell, PhD - Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) Lead
Associate Professor, Social Sciences and Health Policy

Dr. Gesell is a mixed methods researcher and an implementation scientist committed to a collaborative research approach that values the unique perspectives and strengths of non-traditional research partners. Sabina has experience developing numerous patient-centered measurement protocols for a variety of healthcare settings to transform the patient experience.

Ashley Strahley

Ashley Strahley, MPH – Qualitative Lead

Ashley is a Research Associate with significant health system and health services research and evaluation experience including survey design and administration, design and conduct of qualitative interviews, analysis of qualitative data and project management. Ashley completed her Master of Public Health degree at the University of Michigan in 2010 and joined Wake Forest University School of Medicine in 2020.


Allison Chandler Web QPRO

Allison Chandler, PhD

Allison is a Research Associate with significant research experience in both academia and industry. Her qualitative research and data analysis experiences include interviewing, focus grouping, secondary content analysis, field observation, thematic analysis, grounded theory and qualitative content analysis. Allison also has experience with mixed methods engagements and project management. She completed her Doctorate in Organizational Science in 2021 and joined Wake Forest School of Medicine in 2021.
Aylin Aguilar Web QPRO

Aylin Aguilar, BS


Aylin is an Associate Project Manager who brings experience from the fields of sociology, psychology and neuroscience clinical research. She has training in semi-structured interviewing and cognitive interviewing. She also has experience in writing research proposals, creating protocols and analyzing semi-structured interviews, coding themes and analyzing textual data. She enjoys collaborative research that can be disseminated to improve systems, further research and quality of life. She is also eager to provide Spanish-speaking research services.

Kandice Reilly, MPH, PhD

Kandice Reilly, MPH, PhD


Kandice is a Research Associate with a background in public health sciences and maternal and child health. Formally trained in both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, she has a passion for transforming data and stories into actionable steps to improve population health outcomes. Her experience includes writing research proposals and grant applications, conducting in-depth, semi-structured interviews and performing content, thematic and rapid data analysis. Kandice completed her Doctorate in Public Health Sciences at UNC-Charlotte in 2022 and joined Wake Forest School of Medicine in 2023.