Learning Communities – Red House

Red House School of MedicineClinical Skills Coaches

  • Julie Wood, DO
  • Tim Peters, MD
  • Maria Sam, MD
  • Chris Miles, MD
  • Kristen Zeller, MD
  • Kacy Ramirez, MD
  • Kristen Hairston, MD
  • Claudia Campos, MD
  • Lindsay Strowd, MD
  • Fran O'Brien, MD



The Wand of Mercury symbolizes the medical profession and represents our quest to gain knowledge of medicine and science.

Faith Symbols

These symbols represent the diverse backgrounds that our patients bring to us and our need to honor their faiths, both in their own traditions and their faith in us as physicians.


The mythical animal symbolizes leadership, courage, strength and intelligence.

House Reps

President: Karen Wolf, Class of 2021

Academic Integration Rep: Tiffany Sheng, Class of 2021

Service Rep: Melissa Wibowo, Class of 2021