The Center of Excellence for Research, Teaching and Learning (CERTL) at Wake Forest University School of Medicine promotes an inquiry-based model of instruction to improve the performance of K-12 students through problem- and project-based learning cases in STEM topics that motivate the acquisition of new knowledge. With a range of programs, from training educators to student mentoring, this student-driven approach creates an authentic learning environment that connects core classroom curriculum to the real world.

CERTL is a leading resource for schools and districts that want to systematically move teacher practice to include problem- and project-based learning (PBL). Our professional development is interactive and implementation focused, and our resources allow teachers to choose the problem- or project-based cases that best fit their needs.

For more than 20 years, CERTL has used PBL to improve the quality of STEM education for K-12 students. Currently, CERTL offers:

  • Training for K-12 teachers in PBL methodology
  • PBL enrichment programs for K-12 students
  • A library of problem- and project-based learning cases for all grade levels

To date, CERTL has trained more than 2,500 teachers across a number of states and 12 countries.


Case Repository Access 

Access to CERTL’s Case Repository has transitioned to a Google Drive format that provides access to all K-12 math, science and English language arts cases.  Please contact Kelsey Canovai at for access.