Programming and services include K-12 STEM, Biomedical Sciences and Medical Education at the university level. CERTL enables instructors to engage students in authentic learning in the classroom and online. We sponsor training for educators, mentor students, and develop undergraduate and graduate courses in medical and healthcare education.

K-12 Education

Professional Development for STEM Education

CERTL K-12 programming prepares students for case-based learning in higher education. We are a national resource for schools and districts that seek to systematically move teacher practice to include problem-based learning (PBL). Our professional development is interactive, and implementation focused, and our resources allow teachers to choose the inquiry-based cases that best fit their needs.

For more than 20 years, CERTL has promoted PBL to improve the quality of STEM education by:
  • Training K-12 teachers and administrators to develop and offer PBL in their schools and districts
  • Offering hands-on PBL enrichment programs for K-12 students
  • Managing a robust library of Math, Science, and English Language Arts PBL cases for all grade levels

Higher Education

Course Development for Healthcare Education, Biomedical Sciences, and Medical Education

Working alongside course directors and instructors, CERTL helps develop courses and instructional materials based on best practices and evidence-based pedagogy. CERTL collaborates with content experts to develop self-directed and case-based learning for the Wake Forest University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and School of Medicine.

Our team researches best practices to identify potential applications for new and emerging online and classroom-based instructional technologies. CERTL develops and evaluates courses based on the Deacon GOLD Standard, a set of criteria that significantly raise the bar for exceptional online learning experiences. With designers certified as Course Evaluators and Trainers, we build upon standards developed by Quality Matters, a national leader in online course evaluation and development. Selected courses are evaluated according to these standards to offer formative feedback to instructors.

Our team partners with faculty to develop masters-level courses in the Clinical Research Program (CRM), and Healthcare Leadership Program (HCL). Currently CERTL instructional designers are assisting instructors to develop or revise online courses for Medical Physics (MPHY), Translational Biotechnology (TBIO), Physician Assistant (PA), Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) as well as other areas of medical education, with plans on the horizon for additional health topics, including expansion of the Medical School to Charlotte.

Case Repository Access 

Access to CERTL’s Case Repository has transitioned to a Google Drive format that provides access to all K-12 math, science and English language arts cases.  Please contact Kelsey Canovai at for access.