Learning Communities – Green House

Green House School of MedicineClinical Skills Coaches

  • Dave Manthey, MD
  • Elizabeth Walsh, MD
  • Alysha Taxter, MD
  • David Popoli, MD
  • Joey Cristiano, MD
  • Dupe Akinola, MD
  • Michael Cartwright, MD
  • Fran O'Brien, MD
  • Cara Haberman, MD
  • Lindsay Strowd, MD


ECG Line

The electrocardiography line represents medicine in action.


The owl symbolizes wisdom.

Olive Branches

The olive branches symbolize peace.

Text books and lamp

The books represent the acquisition of knowledge.

House Reps

President: Ryan Zoldowski, Class of 2021 
Academic Integration Rep: Danielle Rider, Class of 2022 
Service Rep: Stephanie Pham, Class of 2022 
Social Rep: Robert Ledbetter, Class of 2022