Learning Communities – Blue House

Blue House School of MedicineClinical Skills Coaches

  • Katie Watson, MD
  • Ashton Chen, DO
  • Franklin Watkins, MD
  • Anna Miller-Fitzwater, MD
  • Mike Mitchell, MD
  • Dave Manthey, MD
  • Elizabeth Walsh, MD
  • Donna Williams, MD
  • Michelle Keating, DO
  • James Crisp, MD
  • Rachel Woodruff, MD



The Wand of Mercury represents the medical profession and symbolizes our quest to gain knowledge of medicine and science.


The elephant symbolizes wisdom and wears spectacles reminiscent of Bowman Gray.

Text books and lamp

The books and lamp represent the acquisition of knowledge.

House Rep

President: Siba Saker, Class of 2022 
Academic Integration Rep: Christi Scott, Class of 2022 and Emma Spilsted, Class of 2022 
Service Rep: Jessica Graham, Class of 2022 
Social Rep: Emily Oliver, Class of 2022