Online Account Access
Your student account information, which includes all charges, payments and financial aid, can be accessed by logging into PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Student Center.

Payment Due Date
Tuition and fees are due within 10 days of the term financial aid disbursement date. If they’re not paid by that date, a $100 late fee will be charged. An additional $100 late fee will be charged every 30-days until the balance has been paid in full. If your account remains unpaid, you will not be allowed to attend class or register for future semesters. As long as your account is past due, you will not have access to academic transcripts, be able to have academic credits certified, or receive a diploma at graduation. If you leave the university with an outstanding balance, it will be referred to a collection agency and reported to all major credit bureaus.

Returned Payments
If a check or e-payment posted to your student account is returned by the bank because of insufficient funds or a closed account, the returned payment, along with a $25 returned payment fee, will be charged to your student account. You will receive an email notice regarding the returned payment.

Making Payments 
The preferred method of making payments is electronic payments from your checking or savings account using the routing number and bank account number. (We do not accept any debit cards or credit cards online or in our office.)

Payments by check via U.S. Postal Service should be mailed to: 
Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Dean's Office, Student Tuition
PO BOX 604102
Charlotte, NC 28260-4102
(Include your full name, program of study, and student ID number with your check.)

Payments by check via UPS/Fed Ex:
Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Lockbox Services 604102
Dean's Office, Student Tuition
1525 West W.T. Harris Blvd - 2C2
Charlotte, NC 28262

Credit Balances and Refunds

  • A refundable credit balance may result on your student account due to financial aid payments, loan disbursements, account adjustments or payments posted to your student account.
  • Our preferred refund method is direct deposit. Direct deposits are issued weekly, usually on Friday unless there is a holiday at the end of the week. If the credit balance is on the student account by Tuesday at noon of the week it is received, every attempt is made to get the direct deposit in your bank account by that Friday. However, it could be as late as the following Friday.
  • How to enroll in direct deposit in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

Refund and Return of Financial Aid Funds Policy

Review the refund and return of Financial Aid funds policy in the Student Financial Aid handbook.

Optional Tuition Insurance

Wake Forest University School of Medicine has arranged to offer the Tuition Refund Plan to students and parents who may wish to minimize the risk of a financial loss in the event of a serious illness or accident. This is an elective tuition insurance program, made available through A.W.G. DEWAR, Inc. which provides coverage to minimize the loss of a semester’s tuition and required fees.

If you wish to participate in the plan, you must submit your application online by the first day of classes for your program. Please contact DEWAR directly at 617-774-1555 if you have any questions regarding the Tuition Refund Plan.

Learn more about the Tuition Refund Plan and view the application.

Bill Payment Schedules