Learning Communities – Yellow House

Yellow House School of MedicineClinical Skills Coaches

  • Shahla Namak, MD
  • Ivo Pestana, MD
  • Mark Hix, MD
  • Emily Mann, MD
  • Katherine Schafer, MD
  • Tom McLean, MD
  • Peter Lichstein, MD
  • Kevin Buckely, MD



The Wand of Mercury symbolizes the medical profession and represents our quest to gain knowledge of medicine and science.


The skull represents anatomy.

Olive Branches

The olive branches symbolize peace.


The lion represents wisdom.

House Reps

President: Jennifer Hadley, Class of 2022 
Academic Integration Rep: Lauren Grace Himes, Class of 2022 
Service Rep: Nicole Keyser, Class of 2022 
Social Rep: Andy Hesse, Class of 2022