Students and researchers at Wake Forest School of Medicine are not tied to a single building or laboratory; they are constantly learning and collaborating, wherever they are. And with distance-learning technology, those opportunities will continue to expand. Most of their time, however, will be spent in our three main geographic campuses.

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

Wake Forest Baptist, one of the nation’s preeminent academic medical centers, is an integrated system that operates 1,004 acute care, rehabilitation and psychiatric care beds, outpatient services, and community health and information centers. The Winston-Salem Campus is located at Medical Center Boulevard in Winston-Salem, NC.

Services located at the Winston-Salem Campus:

Brenner Children’s Hospital

Comprehensive Cancer Center

Cardiovascular Sciences Center

Emergency Department

Pediatric Emergency Department

Carpenter Library

School of Medicine


Wake Forest Innovation Quarter

Wake Forest Innovation Quarter is one of the fastest-growing urban-based districts for innovation in the United States. Home to more than 150 companies, five leading academic institutions, more than 3,600 workers, 1,522 degree-seeking students and over 8,000 workforce trainee participants, the Innovation Quarter is a place for research, business and education in biomedical science, information technology, digital media, clinical services and advanced materials. The Innovation Quarter currently comprises 1.9 million square feet of office, laboratory and educational space on its 337 acres. In addition, there are approximately 800 apartments and condominiums within or close by.

From its first tenant, Wake Forest School of Medicine’s Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, the Innovation Quarter has been home to many scientists and researchers from Wake Forest School of Medicine and Wake Forest University, including:

Biochemistry and Structural Biology

Bioethics Graduate Program

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Science Graduate Program

Bowman Gray Center for Medical Education

Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma

Downtown Health Plaza

Lipid Sciences Research

Microbiology and Immunology

Nurse Anesthesia Program

Physician Assistant Program

Physicians and Community

Physiology and Pharmacology

Public Health Sciences

Wake Forest Innovations

Wake Forest Innovation Quarter

Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Clarkson Campus

The Clarkson Campus is approximately ten miles from the main campus of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. The campus was named in honor of Thomas B Clarkson Jr to recognize his accomplishments during his 58 year career at Wake Forest School of Medicine. The primary activities at the Clarkson Campus are research and training. The Campus has been home to the faculty of the Section on Comparative Medicine since the mid-1960s and researchers from a variety of departments and centers also use the Clarkson Campus, including:

Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center

Internal Medicine

Microbiology and Immunology

Physiology and Pharmacology

Preclinical Translational Services

Radiation Oncology

Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Wake Forest Translational Science Institute