The Department has a three-fold mission:

  1. Undertake research on the molecular basis of diseases that affect humanity
  2. Train a new generation of scientists and physicians
  3. Provide a collaborative link between other biomedical sciences and more basic sciences, such as chemistry and physics

Research Focus

The research interests of the faculty are focused in four inter-related areas:

  • Signal transduction in cancer and inflammation
  • Nucleic acid metabolism in cancer and inflammation
  • Redox biology
  • Metabolic diseases such as diabetes and atherosclerosis

Our Trainees

The training mission of the Department is focused on four types of trainees:

  • Graduate students
  • Postdoctoral fellows
  • Medical students
  • Physician assistant students
  • Summer research for undergraduates

Department Collaborations

The Department’s principal interdisciplinary collaborations are promoted through participation in the following Centers: