Tumor Procurement Lab

The Tumor Procurement Lab of the TTPSR has over 44,000 vials of human tumor tissue specimens with matched adjacent normal tissues from both primary and metastatic lesions available for cancer research. After requests for provision of samples are reviewed and approved by the Tumor Tissue Committee of the TTPSR, samples are provided to investigators, along with tissue morphology and RNA integrity data

Collection of Fresh Prospective Tissue

WFBCCC investigators may use the TTPSR infrastructure to collect fresh tissue specimens prospectively. The Shared Resource assists investigators with:

  • Design of the collection protocol
  • Matters of regulatory approval
  • Sample selection and collection
  • Tissue Procurement
  • Processing
  • Quality control
  • Data interpretation

Procurement of Tissue Samples

The TTPSR can obtain and process specimens requested by WFBCCC investigator-initiated trials and national cooperative group trials such as the:

  • Alliance for Clinical Trials
  • Cancer Genome Atlas
  • NRG Clinical Trials
  • Pediatric Oncology Group Trials

Available Frozen Tissues

  • Over 60,000 human tissue vials currently available from over 14,363 patients. 
  • 1,700 brain tumor specimens from 791 patients
  • 3,800 breast tumor specimens from 1,105 patients
  • 1,501 prostate tumor specimens from 445 patients
  • Most have accompanying frozen plasma and WBCs

Additional Services

  • Single Cell Dissociation of fresh tissue for single cell sequencing

Single Cell Dissociation of fresh tissue