in-no-va-tion [noun]: the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods

Central as that definition is to the Center for Healthcare Innovation (CHI), our efforts begin long before the introduction of any new idea, device, or method.  

In summer 2017, Wake Forest Medical Center created the Center for Healthcare Innovation (CHI) for the specific purpose of fostering and accelerating innovation in the space between the patients and their healthcare providers. This mission is distinct from commercializing discovery and is driven by improving patient care across the health system. 

CHI is the first institutional center to be jointly funded by Wake Forest Baptist Health System and Wake Forest School of Medicine. As such, the CHI is fully committed to promoting the clinical-academic interface for the mutual benefit of Wake Forest University’s research and health system arms. 

Center Goals and Mission

The Wake Forest Center for Healthcare Innovation exists to:
  • Identify new innovations with great potential to improve health outcomes.
  • Rigorously and rapidly assess those ideas for feasibility, utility, and viability.
  • Thoroughly evaluate the impact of innovations in partnership with the Department of Implementation Science.
  • Recruit like-minded innovators with expertise in implementation and proven innovation ability to become part of our team. This is accomplished through working with other Centers and departments in the Wake Forest Baptist Health System.Provide a home and infrastructure for faculty and staff working together to improve care models.
  • Assist in procuring and/or providing funding and project management support for the development and implementation of solutions derived from those ideas.
  • Rapidly integrating new clinical trial results or guidelines for improving care at any age.