Get Involved

Whether you are a clinician within Advocate Health, a potential innovation collaborator, or interested in providing a donation, the Center for Healthcare Innovation (CHI) wants to start a conversation with you.

I am affiliated with Advocate Health or Wake Forest University and want to partner with CHI.
The Center for Healthcare Innovation helps clinicians or professionals apply their expertise or medical innovations directly to health care services to improve health system efficiency and patient outcomes. Whether you are a researcher, provider, front-line staff or student, we want your help with innovative ideas for improving healthcare systems or processes.

I am not affiliated with Advocate Health or Wake Forest University and want to collaborate with CHI.
The Center for Healthcare Innovation is looking for collaborators. We develop relationships that support innovative projects or provide expertise to bring medical solutions into the clinical setting. Start a conversation with us today.

I want to learn more about ways to philanthropically support the Center for Healthcare Innovation.
The CHI welcomes individual or corporate giving. Philanthropic support is a key pillar in our ability to support the development of young people who desire to bridge their research rapidly into the health system. Currently, new discoveries require 15-20 years to achieve integration into health care and critical to shortening that gap is bringing new researchers into the CHI committed to our mission in this area. Also essential is the identification and vetting of new opportunities to innovate. Each of these areas requires funds from philanthropic partners combined with health system support. Thus, with each donation, new innovations will be integrated into our health care system faster, improving the efficiency of patient care and increasing opportunities for our community. We are very enthusiastic about discussing with you any areas of innovation where you or your organization have an interest. Please contact us to discuss how your donation will make an innovative difference.

If interested in partnering or collaborating with the Center for Healthcare Innovation, please email