All donations to the Center for Healthcare Innovation will be applied to fulfilling our mission and can include staff support, project/solution development, member professional development, training fees, conference registrations, travel fees and hotel accommodations.

Donation Amount $50,000+ $10,000 - $50,000 Up to $10,000
LinkedIn Shout Out X X X
Invitation to our Annual Launch Event and other CHI sponsored events X X X
CHI Annual Review X X X
Quarterly Newsletter X X X
Semi-Annual Lunch with Research Investigators who are utilizing donation funds X X  
Dinner with CHI Leadership X    
Hotel and Travel accommodations for Launch and Other CHI sponsored events X    


Annual LAUNCH Program Opportunities

LAUNCH is the Wake Forest University School of Medicine Center for Healthcare Innovation’s annual innovation incubator/accelerator competition. The finals are a weekend-long event bringing together leading industry experts across the Advocate Health enterprise to not only compete for funding and personnel support on their project, but also to network and collaborate with individuals across the larger healthcare enterprise. The winning team(s) will receive 9 months of support from the Center and our co-sponsors to build, test, and implement their solution.

Donation Amount $50,000+ $10,000 - $50,000 Up to $10,000
LinkedIn Shout Out X X X
Recognition during event X X X
Name and logo listed on banner at event  X X X
Logo on Event Invite X X X
Invitation to Saturday Reception X X  X
Invitation to Friday Welcome Session X  X  
Attend Friday Closed Judging Session X    
Hotel and Flight Accommodations for Event X