mPATH™ (Mobile Patient Technology for Health)

Peer-reviewed, published findings of this technology show promising results. This project will explore further implementation of this digital health tool for moving the discussion regarding colonoscopy risk benefit and ordering tests from the patient-provider encounter to an electronic education program that can be implemented in the waiting room or home, allowing the patient-provider encounter to focus on other important areas of healthcare.

Current Digital Health Solutions 


A patient-friendly digital health platform that empowers patients to participate in their care and facilitates care delivery. mPATH™ uses electronic data queries to identify patients who may benefit from a preventive service, educates them about their choices, and helps them receive the care they choose. Extensive usability testing shows that over 90% of patients can complete mPATH™ without any assistance, regardless of literacy level or computer skills. The mPATH platform currently has two modules.  


Designed to increase screening for colon cancer, the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Patients use mPATH™-CRC on an iPad in their primary care providers’ offices, immediately before a medical visit. With a patient-friendly self-survey interface, mPATH™-CRC assesses patients’ need for screening, displays a multimedia colon cancer screening decision aid, helps patients make screening decisions, and allows patients to “self-order” a colon cancer test.  After the visit, mPATH™-CRC sends patients supportive text messages to help them complete their chosen test. In a randomized controlled trial funded by the National Cancer Institute, mPATH™-CRC doubled the proportion of patients who completed colon cancer screening.(Miller DP et al, Annals of Internal Medicine 2018). The National Cancer Institute funded Dr. Miller’s team to conduct a follow-up study to determine the best way to implement mPATH™-CRC in community-based primary care practices.(R01CA218416, PI:Miller) 


Helping people learn about and receive screening for lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Screening for lung cancer with annual low-dose chest CT scans reduces lung cancer mortality by up to 20%. Although several national groups recommend lung cancer screening for high risk current and former smokers, fewer than 5% of patients get screened. Patients use mPATH™-Lung at home on their computer or smartphone. mPATH™-Lung teaches patients about lung cancer screening, determines if they qualify, and provides them with their personalized risks and benefits of screening to help them make a screening decision. mPATH™-Lung then connects patients who want screening with a lung cancer screening program near them. mPATH™-Lung is currently available in a beta version. 

Why consider Digital Health solutions?

  • To reach more patients
  • To save time (patient and staff)
  • To improve care


  • Identifies patients who need a health service 
  • Empowers them with information 
  • Coordinates needed care 
  • Used in primary care waiting rooms 
  • Asks routine check-in questions 
  • Assesses need for CRC screening 
  • Lets patients “order” their own screening tests