The Roena B. Kulynych Center for Memory and Cognition Research performs new and innovative studies of the relationship between memory impairment, dementia and physical disability in the elderly. One in four Americans is over the age of 75, and 40 percent of those over 80 suffer some degree of disability due to dementia. With each progressive decade, this number increases by five to 10 percent.

Our Memory Assessment Clinic provides high-quality, compassionate care to older adults who are concerned about changes in their memory. We’re one of the few memory assessment clinics in the nation run by specialists in geriatric medicine. 

Center Goals:

  • To develop better ways for understanding specific patterns of memory loss, as well as the appropriate medication and other behavioral forms of treatment that would best treat specific types of memory impairment and their associated complications.

  • Successfully translate new knowledge about preventing and treating memory loss from the research setting to the patient, and to the physician trainees and medical students caring for patients at the School of Medicine.

The mission of the Roena B. Kulynych center is to support research in dementia and memory loss from the perspective of geriatricians, with the focus on the prevention of progressive illnesses by proactively promoting geriatrician-specific research.