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Healthy Brain Study

Healthy Brain Study will identify and characterize early risk factors that predict memory decline and dementia in adults with or without early signs of memory impairment. Data will be collected for this study at enrollment and every year thereafter for 5 years. The data collected will help examine changes in cognitive function, physical function, and brain structure in older adults. We will also study how the body processes sugar and how that may relate to change in brain function over time. Ages 55 and older and not on injectable medication for diabetes.

Contact: Abigail O'Connell 36-716-MIND (6463)


ADvance is investigating the use of a surgically implanted device that delivers mild electrical pulses to specific areas of the brain for individuals with Alzheimer's. Eligible participants must be age 65 or older, on a stable dose of Alzheimer's medication, have a reliable family member or friend to attend study visits and give report on function and daily activities.

Contact: Vivian Blount 336-716-MIND (6463)


AHEAD is recruiting cognitively normal participants between the ages of 55 and 80 to take part in a clinical trial to test an investigational treatment. Participants must have normal memory and thinking abilities, be willing to have an MRI and PET scan of their brain, and a reliable family member or friend to attend clinic visits with them.

Contact: Michael Harley 336-716-MIND (6463) 


BEAT-AD: The Brain Energy for Amyloid Transformation in Alzheimer's Disease (PI: Craft) is now recruiting amnestic MCI (aMCI) participants to take part in a 16 week diet intervention study. Participants must be between the ages of 55-85, have a diagnosis of aMCI, be stable on medications, able to complete a MRI scan and lumbar puncture. Participants will meet weekly with the study registered dietitian and will be provided a stipend to purchase food.

Contact: Amanda Hall 336-716-MIND (6463),

Janssen Autonomy

Janssen Autonomy is investigating the effectiveness of an investigational treatment (JNJ-63733657) for mild dementia and early Alzheimer's Disease (AD). The study drug is a monoclonal antibody that is designed to bind to tau and prevent the spread of this protein. Participants will be assigned to a study group based on a 1:1:1 randomization (1000mg study drug, 3000mg study drug or placebo). The study drug or placebo will be administered through an IV every 4 weeks for up to 4.5 years. Participants must be between 55 and 80 years old, have a reliable study partner to attend study visit and answer questions, be willing to have an MRI and PET scan.

Contact: 36-716-MIND (6463),


MAP is seeking volunteers between the ages of 55 and 90 with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and do not have a diagnosis of diabetes to participate in a clinical study investigating the effectiveness of Metformin as a treatment for memory decline. Eligible participants will have in-clinic visits every 6 months and will remain in the study for 2 years. Participants must have a study partner that is able to accompany them to in-clinic study visits.

Contact: Hunter Ledford 36-716-MIND (6463), or


SToMP-AD is seeking volunteers with mild memory impairment (MCI) or early Alzheimer's Disease (AD) that are are 64 or older to participate in a clinical study that will investigate an effective treatment for mild Alzheimer's disease. The SToMP-AD study look at the use of 2 drugs to target specific cells and cellular changes in the brain that contribute to the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Participants must be willing to have an LP, MRI and PET scan of the brain, and have a study partner to attend clinic visits with them.

Contact: 36-716-MIND (6463),