Chronic Pain Management Rotation

The residents’ exposure to chronic pain management is by Dr. Brandon Williams MD at our Brookstown Pain Clinic, located approximately 2 miles from the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, and Wake Forest Baptist Health - Lexington Medical Center. One-month rotations are offered during both the CA-1, CA-2 and CA-3 years. There are currently 2 physicians that work at this location Monday – Friday, that treats clinical as well as houses 2 OR suites. 

The residents play an integral role in new patient evaluation and existing patient management. The clinic’s patients suffer from a variety of conditions including neuropathic, orthopaedic, rheumatologic, traumatic, myofascial, oncologic, sympathetically maintained, and degenerative pain syndromes. Residents’ diagnosis and treatment plans are formulated under the supervision of the attendings and fellows. A multidisciplinary approach to the comprehensive treatment of chronic pain is taken, with particular attention being placed on recognition of conditions that are amenable to medication management and interventional treatment modalities. Residents also assist in coordinating complimentary treatments, including physical therapy and reconditioning, psychological evaluation and therapy, as well as nontraditional techniques such as acupuncture. Participation in fluoroscopically guided injections and surgical implantation of spinal cord stimulators and intrathecal pumps is expected of rotating trainees. These procedures are performed at the Pain Centers of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center as well as at the Medical Park Fluoroscopy Suite, Medical Park Hospital, Forsyth Medical Center. Additionally, a host of clinical trials investigating novel medications and devices are made available to clinic patients through the Center for Clinical Research. 

Chronic pain pathophysiology, narcotic and adjunct pharmacology, neurostimulation, and performance of neuraxial and peripheral nerve blockade are discussed in both the clinical and didactic settings. Weekly journal club presentations involve WFBMC pain physicians & Carolina’s Pain Institute physicians, the medical and pharmacy staff of WFHMC, a number of area psychologists as well as visiting professors.  Ongoing basic science research is discussed at the monthly Pain Interest Group meetings, held in conjunction with other members of the Wake Forest University Department of Anesthesiology.