The PhD/MMS is a 5- to 7-year sequential degree program that is offered in conjunction with the Wake Forest University School of Medicine Biomedical Sciences.

The student earns a Master of Medical Science (MMS) in PA Studies after completing a PhD in Molecular Medicine and Translational Science (MMTS).

This degree program targets students interested in clinical research, community research and the translation of knowledge into improved human health. Graduates with the PhD/MMS will be basic scientists trained to function successfully in clinical environments and will have considerable professional flexibility. They can work as clinician scientists on teams conducting clinical trials, for example, or they can teach and do research within academic health centers.

How to Apply

Applicants for the PhD/MMS dual degree program must be accepted first into the PhD program through a separate admissions process to the Graduate School.

The student can apply for admission to the PA program during the first, second or third year of study in the PhD program and will begin the preclinical year in the PA program after completing the final thesis defense.

Students interested in the PhD/MMS combined degree program must meet the PA program course prerequisites to be eligible for admission the combined degree program.

Potential applicants should note the following:

  • Students with the MMTS/PhD involved with translational research and attached to a physician mentor may be considered to have met the PA program admission requirement of 1,000 patient/clinical contact hours.
  • Because students with the MMTS/PhD have completed a doctoral thesis within the Wake Forest School of Medicine, they may be considered to have met the PA program requirement to complete a graduate project.

For more information, students may contact PA Studies Admissions at or 336-716-4356