The mission of the Wake Forest University School of Medicine Physician Assistant (PA) Program is to produce highly capable, compassionate PAs who deliver patient-centered care, make significant contributions to the health care community and continually advance the PA profession. In order to continue innovating and further advancing our mission, the Wake Forest PA Program is offering a pathway program to help recruit Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) students into the PA profession.

Through this pathway program, the Wake Forest PA program will seek to admit WSSU students who meet the PA program’s admission requirements as published on the Wake Forest PA Program webpage, have been formally recommended by WSSU, and have received their bachelor’s degree from WSSU. Admitted students may be considered for scholarships based on the PA program’s established scholarship criteria.

This pathway program builds upon the existing recruitment opportunities for pre-PA students that provide mentorship support and the opportunity to forge relationships with current PA students and faculty. It is also in alignment with the PA Education Association (PAEA) Bridge to the PA Profession Initiative which was introduced in January 2022.

Additional questions regarding the pathway program and its requirements can be directed to the Wake Forest PA Admissions team at