Diversity Initiatives

We welcome and value students who come to us from different practice settings, cultures and geographies for the richness they bring to the classroom and the school experience.

Diversity Recruitment

The H3A (Heads, Hearts, and Hands) Inspire seminar introduces participants to the role of a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) and shares useful practical tools for gaining admission in the highly competitive environment of anesthesia school applications. Participants learn advanced intensive care unit (ICU) skills that can either bolster their competence in their current role or serve as the foundation for advanced nursing practice later.

Topics addressed in the two-day Inspire seminar include:

  • Professional role of the CRNA
  • Pathophysiology of shock
  • Advanced airway management
  • Advanced ICU pharmacology
  • Arterial blood gas interpretation and ventilator management
  • Advanced monitoring, including bispectral index (BIS), peripheral nerve stimulator, arterial line and invasive pressure monitoring
  • Nuts and bolts of school: planning for finances and family care
  • Admissions and curricula of CRNA programs
  • Personality type/self-assessment: "Is CRNA right for me?"
  • Characteristics and challenges of graduate study in nurse anesthesia.
  • Different formats of anesthesia programs: "Which one is best for you?"
  • Application writing and personal statements tips
  • Learn what top programs most value in applicants, and discuss the "golden applicant"
  • Candid discussion with other prospective and current students
  • The Ultimate ICU Challenge: high fidelity human patient simulation lab experience