Curriculum Overview

The curriculum is designed to provide an understanding of neurological disorders and to motivate students to consider a career in health disparities research. Graduates of the program will have the experience needed to study health disparities in neuroscience-related disorders as a Research Project Manager/Coordinator or could even move onto PhD and MD programs in careers addressing these important issues.

Program Course Requirements

The Graduate School Bulletin includes further information about courses and degree requirements.

Professional Development

Annual Health Disparities in Neuroscience Symposium: Each year we hold a one-day Symposium.  Our goals are to expose students to research being performed at Wake Forest and offer a mix of speakers recruited from graduates from the CPTS program and neuroepidemiologists across the country.  Drs. Milligan and Bell have experience in coordinating symposium (e.g., Understanding ALS: current research approaches, 2014; Battered Brains, 2007; Cell Death in Health and Disease, 1999) and anticipate developing a highly interactive series of presentation that will be of interest a diverse array of faculty and students.