The Neuroscience Program at Wake Forest is a vibrant, productive, and collaborative effort by faculty and trainees to investigate molecular and cellular structures, local neural circuits and brain areas, and behavior to enhance our understanding of the functional organization of the nervous system. We are committed to the idea that neuroscience, broadly conceived, provides a fundamental framework for understanding the biological basis of behavior and the causes of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

For almost 30 years, our graduate program has provided state-of-the-art research training, coupled with foundational and specialized knowledge, and career development opportunities to students. As scientists and educators, we embrace our responsibility to train individuals capable of pioneering research into both normal development and function of the nervous system and into the underlying causes and mechanisms of neurological disease.

While the vast majority of our graduating Ph.D. students go on to research-related positions, the ability to expertly analyze and interpret data provides a foundation for success in a wide variety of professions including finance, law, public policy, and education. We feel strongly that the Neuroscience program at Wake Forest provides students with a rigorous, critical thinking skillset — and that is precisely what will be required to tackle the burden on society of neurological disorders and disease.