Our MS program is designed to help students with a bachelor’s degree improve their academic foundation in neuroscience and augment their credentials for admission into health professional programs in related fields, additional study to obtain a PhD in Neuroscience, or entrance to the workforce. For students seeking advanced coursework and hands-on research training in this discipline, the Neuroscience MS Program is the right path.

Why Wake Forest?

The major goal of our MS program is to provide a strong foundation for understanding the fundamentals of neuroscience.  We provide our students with a strong arsenal of training and experience to make them competitive for the increasing opportunities in academic pursuits, advanced professional degrees, and opportunities in research and even non-research careers that utilize their scientific and scholarly training.

Training Snapshot

  • Average time to degree is less than 2 years
  • 100% of graduates are employed or have advanced for further training (e.g., PhD)
  • 62% of graduates continued onto PhD programs
  • 38% obtained employment in industry, research, or clinical positions.