Thank you for your interest in Wake Forest’s biomedical graduate programs. There are multiple ways for you to learn more about our school and its programs. Please review the range of opportunities we offer below and register using the Upcoming Events feature at the bottom of the page or contact our Enrollment Services Coordinator for assistance.

Virtual Information Sessions 

A very popular way to learn more about Wake Forest’s biomedical graduate programs is through our virtual information sessions. Scheduled approximately every 2 weeks throughout the year, attendees receive an overview of Wake Forest's biomedical graduate programs, hear from currently enrolled students, learn about available financial aid and scholarships, review upcoming application deadlines and have their application and program questions answered by the Director of our Biomedical Graduate Programs. These popular Webex-based sessions allow you to learn about our programs from the comfort of home, requiring no travel. 

Register below for an upcoming Virtual Information Session using the Upcoming Events feature below. 

Open Houses 

When conditions allow, the Wake Forest biomedical graduate programs host bi-annual open house events. At these events, attendees have an opportunity to visit our Innovation Quarter campus in downtown Winston-Salem, NC.  
The Graduate School hosts an information session outlining our interdisciplinary graduate programs, and elaborate on our collaborative research environment. Attendees also have the opportunity to meet with faculty and program directors, hear from current students and alumni, learn about available financial aid and scholarships, and tour classrooms and research facilities with our student ambassadors. Our spring open house often coincides with our Research Day event, allowing attendees to attend a poster session and a 3-minute thesis competition. 

As with our Virtual Information Session series, when offered, Open Houses are available for registration in our Upcoming Events feature below. 

Personal Visits 

When conditions allow, we are happy to host individual visits for those interested in learning more about one or more of our biomedical graduate programs. We generally attempt to schedule personal visits for Fridays so that one of our student ambassadors can serve as a host. A personal visit often includes a meeting with a program director. If you have specific faculty that you wish to meet with, you are encouraged to make that clear during the scheduling process. Those interested in scheduling a personal visit should contact the Enrollment Services Coordinator to make their request.  

School Visits

For undergraduate institutions in our region, we are open to scheduling a Virtual Information Session that is specifically tailored for students at your school or, when circumstances allow, we can come to your school to visit with you and your peers. In some cases, a faculty member or student ambassador may be able to deliver a seminar in a regularly scheduled series either digitally or in-person when conditions allow. In addition, we are delighted to supply materials about our biomedical programs to any school representative that makes a request. We recommend that these requests come to our office from a faculty representative at your institution.