Sensory Integration

Each of our senses transduces a different form of physical energy in order to generate a unique perspective of the outside world. Despite these differences, our normal experience is not a jumble of unisensory percepts, but rather a perception of a continuous, coherent, and multisensory world. The brain has evolved special mechanisms to integrate information across these senses to enhance our perception and behavioral decisions. We seek to understand these mechanisms by applying a spectrum of techniques to understand its anatomical, physiological, and computational bases, as well as its operating constraints, impact on behavior and decision-making, and development and plasticity. Our interests also include translational applications of this research, including the identification and amelioration of disorders of multisensory processing, and how multisensory plasticity can be used to resolve defects within the individual senses.

Associated Faculty

+ indicates accepting MS students, * indicates accepting PhD students

Barry E. Stein+*
Research Interests: Multisensory Integration, Development, Neurorehabilitation, Vision

Dwayne W. Godwin+
Research Interests: Epilepsy, Alcohol, Memory, MEG

Paul J. Laurienti*
Research Interests: Brain, Nerve Net, Attention, Aging, Auditory Perception

Emilio Salinas+*
Research Interests: Analysis of single-neuron and neural-network dynamics using mathematical methods and computer simulations

Terrence R. Stanford

Research Interests: Decision-Making, Sensorimotor Transform, Multisensory Integration, Neural Networks, Vision

Rebecca Sappington+*
Research Interests: Glaucoma, molecular neurobiology, neuroinflammation

Joost Maier+*
Research Interests: Flavor perception, multisensory integration, decision making, development of cortical computation.
Techniques: behavioral analysis, multi-electrode recordings and optogenetics in freely moving rats.

Benjamin A. Rowland
Research Interests: Multisensory Integration, Computational Neuroscience, Neural Networks, Neurorehabilitation

Christina Elizabeth Hugenschmidt
Research Interests: Aging, diabetes, neuroscience behavior, radiology, imaging, nuclear medicine